The Long Con  

An Australian detective story, The Long Con is the first in a proposed Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency trilogy.  


The paperback of The Long Con can be purchased from all good bookstores and online from Booktopia. The eBook can also be purchased from Amazon, KOBO, iTunes and other e-retailers.




Synopsis of The Long Con

State politician having an affair? Murder, perhaps a serial killer lose in Hobart? Environmental movement disquiet, a possible political assassination? Yet another trip to Hospital Emergency for Cousins. All in a day work for a Private Detective.


'The Long Con' introduces the reader to Frank Cousins, a corrupt ex-Queensland copper, who resigns his position as a Homicide Detective, and leaves the state pronto, just prior to being called before the 1988 Fitzgerald Enquiry into Police corruption. Being a career cop, his employment options are limited. He moves to Hobart Tasmania, a location far too cold for any Queenslander to follow, and establishes a moderately successful detective agency.


Cousins is a cynical, middle-aged man who has seen it all and yet, in his own way, dogmatically attempts to retain some semblance of humanity in his life. Different situations he encounters cause flash-backs to his failed marriage, and to specific incidents he rationalises in an attempt to accept both the human condition, and the present.


Hired for a peek-a-boo job to discover if in fact a State politician is being unfaithful to his wife, while simultaneously searching for a young woman, at first assumed to be a missing person, she is found dead. The possibility of a serial killer looms.


At the same time, Cousins is hired by an environmentalist group to act as a bodyguard for a 5 day period for one of their committee members. This elderly Tasmanian matriarch maintains that she has in her possession stolen Government documentation outlining a conspiracy to circumvent Australian Federal Law in relation to foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land. She maintains that the documented conspiracy is between the TAS Government, a private AUS timber company and the Chinese Government to secretly purchase 100,250 hectares of Tasmanian old-growth forest in the North-west of the State. She intends to present the documents before the World Food Organisation of the UN in NY. Her life is being threatened not to.


Still, all is not what it first appears to be.  It never seems to be with Cousins.